Formative Evaluation of the Women’s Voice and Leadership Program. Terms of Reference/ “Deep Dive” Case Study of Women’s Voice and Leadership Ukraine
This document is the result of focus groups, consultations and analytical work that began in July 2020 thanks to the project of the Ukrainian Women's Fund (UWF) “Women's movement at the frontline of response to post-COVID-19 challenges in Ukraine” supported by the European Union through the Rapid Response Mechanism for civil society organisations in the Eastern Partnership, and as part of its COVID-19 support to Ukraine.
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Ukrainian Woman's Fund


International charitable organization founded in 2000. The UWF provides civil society organizations (CSOs) from Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus with financial, information and consultation support.


To promote human rights and fundamental freedoms of citizens by strengthening CSOs;
To attract more resources to support civil society by developing a culture of philanthropy in Ukraine;
To facilitate the consolidation of women’s movement as an integral part of civil society in Ukraine, as well as in Moldova and Belarus;
To enhance public participation in decision making on different levels;
To increase public attention to issues of diversity and gender.


is to provide support – including expert advice, capacity building, finance, advocacy, communications, etc. – and encourage women’s NGOs and other CSOs to develop a vibrant and populated women’s movement that aims at ensuring gender equality and empowering women in all sectors of life.