July 2016

Women's rights and the Ukrainian Army (in English)

The Ukrainian Government is looking to pass a new law that would formally legalize female combat positions in the Ukrainian Army. According to Natalia Karbowska of the Ukrainian Women’s Fund, this is a big achievement for the women currently enlisted in the Ukrainian Army, however “this is just the beginning; the fight is not won yet,” she says. Last December, the ‘Invisible Battalion’ project initiated by female activists studied the problems that Ukrainian women face in the Army. It was then presented to the Ministry of Defense and resulted in this new order. “Many women in the Army, they are doing real work but they are registered as cooks, receptionists,” she says, adding that they earn less and are not guaranteed social security if something happens to them.

July 2014

Why Gender Museum makes men put on high-heeled shoes (in Ukrainian)

Article of Iryna Virtosu about Kharkiv Museum of Women's and Gender History (Gender Museum) for the website of campaign against sexism in politics and media "Povaha" (Respect)

Reference: Founded on March 3, 2009, it is the first and still the only gender museum in post-soviet and Esatern European countries. In 2009 the idea of its creation was supported by Ukrainian Women's Fund, who became a permanent supporter of the project. In 2011 the Fund initiated the action "Women Support Women" to collect money for repair of the museum's premises.

June 2014

Women’s Stories of Euromaidan were gathered in one publication (in Ukrainian)

Ukrainska Pravda published the announcement about collection of stories Maidan. Women’s Business published by Ukrainian Women’s Fund


May 2014

Ukrainian women demand political space

Interview of Natalia Karbowska, the UWF Board Chair, about the Ukrainian Women’s Fund and the political situation in the Ukraine on Mama Cash’s website.

The interview is also posted on Mama Cash facebook account  


February, 2014

The Untold Story of the Ukrainian Revolution

News from Ukraine is moving so fast that if you don’t look closely, you’ll miss the untold story: a revolution for and by Ukrainian women.

Article of Natalia Karbowska in Foreign Policy in Focus and on the website of the Global Fund for Women


February 2014

Ukrainian Women’s Fund – First step to success

Article written by Barbara Wieser, Volunteer at the Ukrainian Women’s Fund in the Latest from Alliance global philanthropy blog

This article is part of a series posted by Mama Cash sharing the perspectives of the local and regional funds that are its grantee-partners.

The same article at Mama Cash website


December, 2013

Winter of Discontent, Ukrainian Women Lead Dissent

Interview with the UWF Board Chair Natalia Karbowska on the website of the Global Fund for Women.

Global Fund for Women advisor and board chair of the Ukrainian Women’s Fund, Natalia Karbowska, shares her perspective on the protests and the women's rights movement in Ukraine.


December 2013

Projects of kindness: science and education, art and culture (in Ukrainian)

Kontrakty magazine, № 48-49 (1123-1124), 09.12.2013

Collection of socially significant projects implemented by foundations and organizations of Ukraine in the sphere of science and education, art and culture

First Step to Success Project


October 2013

Home Alone. Why there are so few children in Ukrainian families (in Ukrainian)

Focus magazine, № 42 (354)

Olesya Bondar, the UWF director, comments the article


December 2012

Projects of kindness (in Ukrainian)

Kontrakty magazine, № 49-50 (1072-1073), 10.12.2012

Collection of socially significant projects implemented in 2012

Global Initiative for Breast Cancer Awareness