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2014 became the year of the new, still unknown challenges but it also became a time of new opportunities and we tried to live through this year as never before.
2013 has been a tumultuous but productive year for the Ukrainian Women’s Fund. As the Fund moves into its 14th year of supporting the work of women’s NGOs across Ukraine and the nearby countries of Moldova and Belarus, the focus of the Fund’s work this year was empowerment: a deeper involvement in creating the structures of civil society that lead to the empowerment of women and transformative change in Ukrainian society.
Annual Report 2012
The Ukrainian Women’s Fund (UWF) entered 2011 as a mature and powerful organization with many years’ experience of consistent and purposeful work in implementing ideas of gender equality in all spheres of social life and in supporting the Women’s Movement in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus.
The brochure was prepared within the project "First Step to Success" with the financial support of MamaCash
Ukrainian Women's Fund: 15 years