February 2016

Calendar "Invisible Battalion" won at the National Festival of Social Advertising

November 25, summarizing the 9th National Festival of Social Advertising where the calendar "Invisible battalion" was presented, created by Mex Advertising Agency based on the initiative of Ukrainian Women's Fund and the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine.
The calendar has received the Grand Prix of the Festival, won the "State social advertising" nomination and took the second place in the category of "Social advertisement of foundations and charitable organizations."
Please be reminded that the sociological research was an added impetus for the creation of the calendar "Invisible battalion": women's participation in the military ATO operations, the research helped to collect a majority of photographs that were subsequently included in the calendar.
After completing the research "Invisible battalion", we realized that there is a high probability that the research will be regarded only in a narrow professional environment. However, we would require publicity to initiate reforms of the power structures. Therefore, there is a need to begin a broader but more attractive and clear communication at a different level, in a different format. Thus, the idea to create a wall calendar came into existence in cooperation with the Ministry of Information Policy, and a professional team of Mex Advertising agency who did an extraordinary thing by "placing" photos of the ATO women into the stylish, concise but eloquent calendar. Everything- from the cover to the last page points out at the extreme importance. There was no redundant element - nothing distracts from the core point - women and their stories.
Natalia Karbowska, chairman of the "Ukrainian Women's Fund"


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