June 2020

UWF with EU support helps women overcome the COVID-19 crisis now and prevent it tomorrow

This was made possible by the new project of the Ukrainian Women's Fund “Women's movement at the frontline of response to post-COVID-19 challenges in Ukraine” supported by the European Union through the Rapid Response Mechanism for civil society organisations in the Eastern Partnership, and as part of its COVID-19 support to Ukraine.

The coronavirus has exacerbated both social and economic problems of women. Many of them found themselves stranded, in four walls with children, old relatives, and sometimes with domestic abusers. We understand that with the end of quarantine, these socio-economic problems of women will not disappear, but will only deepen if we do not anticipate them and develop an action plan.

This is why we announce a grant competition for women’s economic empowerment. Funding from the UWF will be provided for ideas that can have a tangible effect quickly, within 2-3 months and which can also be applied in other communities and regions. For example, the creation of micro-businesses and associations of women's enterprises, which allows for more efficient sales; digitalisation of business processes; organisation of care for children of working women.

We are also helping women’s organisations implement their decisions, and for the end of summer we are preparing a joint strategy that will answer three questions: How does COVID-19 already affect women? What do women's/feminist organisations do for their target groups in this situation? How can women’s movement now reduce risks? We are looking a step forward – so that in the post-coronavirus world our priorities would not be forgotten.

Five online discussions are planned with experts, members of the women’s movement, which will be facilitated by the Ukrainian Women’s Fund, and will be publicly presented at the end of summer as the basis for a post-COVID-19 strategy for the women’s movement in Ukraine.

“Among its many devastating effects, the COVID-19 pandemic is also a crisis of women’s rights. We can see this in all affected countries and Ukraine is no exception. It is therefore of utmost importance that women’s rights be an integral part of all policies in response of this crisis and civil society has a vital role to play in this process. The EU is proud to work with the Ukrainian Women’s Fund to both support women in tackling the economic impact of the crisis and mobilising the Ukrainian women’s movement for a strong and sustainable post-pandemic strategy for women’s rights.” – Ambassador of the European Union to Ukraine Matti Maasikas.

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