December 2020

Strategy of response of Ukrainian women's NGOs and women's movement to COVID-19

This document is the result of focus groups, consultations and analytical work that began in July 2020 thanks to the project of the Ukrainian Women's Fund (UWF) “Women's movement at the frontline of response to post-COVID-19 challenges in Ukraine” supported by the European Union through the Rapid Response Mechanism for civil society organisations in the Eastern Partnership, and as part of its COVID-19 support to Ukraine. The Ukrainian Women's Fund has facilitated the discussions and presented generalized version of the Strategy on December 10, 2020 for civic and governmental organizations, foundations and international donors.

The strategy summarizes and describes not only the problems faced by women during quarantine, but also the potential of women and their associations. It is useful for the whole society, which has found itself in the new conditions. Developers of the Strategy are sure that if it is guided by daily activities, then in 10-15 years no one will have a question why conduct a gender analysis when developing strategic decisions. If gender-sensitive approaches become a perceived need not only for women's / feminist organizations, but also for donors, business, government and local governments, changes in women's rights awareness will become a reality.

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November 2020
“The quota has worked, but it has proved to be less effective than expected. Thus, according to the results of the previous local elections, women received only 15 percent of seats in oblast councils (nearly twice less than now) and 20 percent in city councils. The 2015 local elections saw 30-32 percent of women on electoral lists, while now there are 43 percent of women. But let’s keep in mind that women constitute 54 percent of Ukraine’s population. Women are the ones who do a bigger share of work during elections as observers and members of election commissions. However, there are no women among the leaders of electoral lists, neither are they well represented in decision making bodies.”
November 2020
The Ukrainian Women’s Fund in partnership with the National Democratic Institute (NDI) is carrying out gender monitoring of the local elections held on 25 October 2020. The purpose of this gender monitoring is to deliver a comprehensive gender analysis of the election process with the aim of identifying opportunities and obstacles for women’s participation in elections and for women’s election to local governments. Based on election results data, the Ukrainian Women’s Fund summarizes interim outcomes of gender monitoring of the local elections.