October 2016

Women’s organizations come together to further implementation of the National Action Plan on UNSC Resolution 1325

On October 27, the Ukrainian Women’s Fund held a meeting with the representatives of Ukrainian national and local women's organizations to join efforts for localizing the National Action Plan in support of UN Security Council Resolution 1325: Women, Peace and Security.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Mamuka Gachechiladze, the expert of NGO International Women's Center, who has been involved in implementing UNSC Resolution 1325 in Georgia for many years now. He shared his experience and spoke about the progress made by Georgia in implementing the Resolution. In particular, Mr. Mamuka Gachechiladze mentioned that the first national action plan was developed by local women’s NGOs back in 2006, but it was not passed by the Parliament. However, this document served as the basis for the Law On Gender Equality that was adopted by the Georgian Parliament in 2010. In line with the Law, the Council for Gender Equality was created to work out a new National Action Plan in support of Resolution 1325. Mr. Mamuka mentioned that the International Women's Center was part of the Council and participated in developing the national action plan. The Center representatives travelled all over Georgia to conduct focus groups with women affected by the armed conflict and identify their needs. All collected data was sent to the Council so that the specific needs of women affected by the conflict were included in the national action plan. In 2011, Georgia adopted the National Action Plan for the implementation of Resolution 1325.

A lot has been achieved since the adoption of the Georgian National Action Plan, including mapping of local initiatives on women, peace and security and establishment of the coordination group to oversee the NAP implementation that included, with a view of uniting efforts and working together, 20 civil society organizations; mainstreaming gender into the work of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Education of Georgia; carrying out gender audit of the Ministry of Education, etc.

At the meeting, Director of Khmelnytsky Oblast NGO “Gender Council” Tetiana Bayeva pointed out key priorities of the Ukrainian National Action Plan to implement UNSCR 1325 and emphasized that these actions should be implemented locally with due consideration of each region needs.

The representatives of women’s organizations worked in small groups to develop some recommendations regarding the NAP implementation in Ukraine, including as follows: mapping NAP initiatives in each region; building a coalition of women’s organizations engaged in NAP implementation efforts; creating a platform to exchange experience between the organizations involved; pooling efforts of various stakeholders (NGOs + government, experts + scientists, experts + NGOs + government, NGO – military units, etc.) to cover all areas of the National Action Plan. 

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