May 2014

Photo exhibition "Women of the Maidan" is open on Maidan Nezalexhnosti from 17.05.2014

On Saturday, May 17, 2014 at 12:00 Maidan Nezalezhnosti welcomed the opening of photo exhibition "Women of the Maidan" organized by the Fulbright Program in Ukraine together with Fulbright Circle Alumni Association, the Ukrainian Women’s Fund and the Zhinocha Sotnia.

“Women of the Maidan” exhibition is an endeavor to fix and preserve non-edited and non-corrected by politicians and historians the image of Ukrainian womanhood – mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, - who consciously and unselfishly protected at Maidan the right of Ukrainian people for better life.

By their active position, strong will and strive to changes, without complaints and blames, by authentic heroism and self-discipline women supported the spirit of the Maidan and gracefully, with belief in victory, passed through all Maidan’s  seconds-minutes-hours-days in the crosshairs of sniper’s rifle.

Photos of the exhibition opening

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