Strengthening Humanitarian Response to Violence against Women in Conflict-Affected Areas

Ukrainian Women's Fund in partnership with the charitable foundation "Women's Health and Family Planning" and International Charity Fund "Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health" supported by UNFPA launches a project aimed at strengthening women and girls in conflict areas in the east of Ukraine. The initiative will work through prevention and overcoming gender-based violence that flourishes in conditions of armed aggression (5 pilot regions - Zaporizhzhia, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts, including the occupied territories).

Ukrainian Women's Fund will provide the communication component of the project - increasing awareness among target groups on issues of gender violence and the services available to victims.

The project will develop, adapt, publicize and distribute various information materials for vulnerable population groups. Informational and educational activities with the participation of national and regional media will encourage gender sensitive coverage of cases of gender violence. The campaign in social media will be used as a channel of communication with the public areas not controlled by the government, including simple messages about how to avoid / prevent the risk of violence in areas of the armed conflict.

In the situation of armed conflict, when the risk of gender-based and domestic violence drastically increases, raising awareness about GBV issues obtains specific importance. Researches show that there is still a lack of understanding among general population of Ukraine about what violence is and what manifestations it takes in a society. This situation is also supported by general culture of acceptance of violence and treating is as something of internal family business. In addition to these facts, there is also a gap in awareness about available services to survivors of violence.