Women’s Leadership Academy

Goal: Increasing women’s social and political participation; equipping women with both knowledge and skills that can be of use in their work environment.

1. Provide the participants with specific theoretical knowledge and practical skills in election campaigns and personal development;
2. Expand knowledge of politics and its components;
3. Raise awareness of women leaders about gender policy, gender equality, gender discrimination, etc.;
4. Engage women activists in advancing gender policy agendas in their parties, regions, and organizations;
5. Share the success stories of powerful women leaders;
6. Unite women leaders from different regions of Ukraine and build communication.

Target audience: Women leaders and members of political parties, leaders and members of public organizations, female government officials of any ranking

Donors: National Democratic Institute (NDI), Government of Canada

Timeframe: August 2015 – September 2016

Geographic Coverage: all regions of Ukraine

Additional Information:
1) Webinars conducted by the Academy (in Ukrainian) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRdrVbKPx2lo5Kp4eCKkrIA

2) Success Stories 2015-2016