Internally Displaced Persons and Communities: Building Tolerance through the Dialogue

Implementation period: December, 2019 - September 30, 2021

Regions: Kharkiv, Zaporizhia, Poltava and Kyiv regions

Target audience: IDP women's initiative groups, representatives of host communities and local authorities of host communities, representatives of vulnerable groups (single mothers / fathers, women and men with many children, girls and boys with disabilities, people living with HIV, national minorities and others)

Donor: Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

Partner organizations:

Charitable Foundation «Welfare of Ukraine» (Kharkiv)

NGO «Ukrprostir» (Zaporizhzhia)

NGO «Bureau of Gender Strategies and Budgeting» (Poltava)

NGO «Theater for Dialogue» (Kyiv region)

About the project: the project envisages using of the Community Mobilization Methodology for Empowerment in 4 oblasts of Ukraine, as this methodology helps to overcome inequality, involve all community members in decision-making processes for service delivery, local development and community safety, situations in which women of different target audiences face various forms of discrimination. The Community Mobilization Methodology helps vulnerable women and men to understand their rights, build their potential, strengthen ties with other members of the community, and identify priority actions that will promote their rights.

Project objectives:

1) strengthen the potential and motivation of internally displaced persons, based on approaches to the introduction of gender equality, prevention and combating various types of violence, introduction of gender budgeting, through effective communication and advocacy;

2) improve dialogue in communities;

3) promote cooperation between IDPs and local authorities.

In each oblast, the partner organization acts as a coordinator for the mobilization of vulnerable groups in the three selected communities, as well as a center where initiative groups (self-help groups) created within the project activities will be able to receive advice and information support during the project.