Women's Voice and Leadership - Ukraine

Title: Women's Voice and Leadership - Ukraine.

Goal:  Protect human women's and girls' rights and to advance gender equality in Ukraine. 

Project will contribute to this ultimate outcome through improved management and sustainability of Ukrainian women’s rights organizations (WROs – particularly those representing vulnerable and marginalized women and girls), enhanced performance of WROs’ programming and advocacy, and increased effectiveness of women’s rights platforms, networks, and alliances to affect gender-sensitive policy change and policy implementation in the country.

Project beneficiaries: Up to 250 Ukrainian women’s rights organizations will directly benefit from grants and institutional development. Indirect beneficiaries include over 80,100 women sex-workers, 100,000 HIV-positive women, 4,770,461 elderly women, 1,105,000 internally displaced women and 54,000 women with disabilities. 

Donor: Government of Canada.

Partners: La Strada-Ukraine, the International Renaissance Foundation.

Timeframe: 5 years.

Geographic Coverage: All regions of Ukraine.