Stories of the grantees of the EOPAC Project. Internally Displaced People, army veterans, People with disabilities who have started their own businesses.
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Success Stories - WLA
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The brochure was prepared within the project "First Step to Success" with the financial support of MamaCash
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Ukrainian Women's Fund: 15 years
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This case study explores Ukrainian Women’s Fund’s strategies, achievements, and challenges with mobilizing local resources in support of women’s rights. Due to the current volatile political and economic environment in Ukraine, UWF has needed to shift both its local resource mobilization and grantmaking strategies to respond to emerging and immediate needs. UWF is currently developing a new local resource mobilization approach to take advantage of the opportunities that continue to emerge in the changing climate.
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National review of Ukraine’s implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action and the outcomes of the Twenty-third special session of the General Assembly
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This book is a collection of stories from seventees women, who took active part in Maidan, created it. Unique character of this publication is in the fact that it describes not only reminiscences of witnesses, but represents important social initiatives that arose at Maidan and are being implemented now thus contributing to development of civil society in Ukraine. And women play an important role in that.
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Brochure is published by the Women's Information Consultative Center with financial support from the Ukrainian Women's Fund. This brochure is a straightforward talk with concerned youth, who strive for a happy future and wish to make own efforts to start building it today on the principles of equality, tolerance, and love
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